Find YOUR Perfect Business

There are Moms all over the world that are searching for something better. They want the best of both worlds. They want to be a Mom AND a Rockin’ Entrepreneur.

Maybe they want to stay at home with their babies. Or their kids are off to school, and they financially need a job, but the thought of going back to work brings tears to their eyes. Or maybe…

They want balance. Financial freedom. Something of their own. To make a difference. To have plenty to “spare and share.” To help people. To grow. To have fun.

Whatever your reason, networking marketing might be the perfect answer. It’s one of the few places where an introvert can make more than a brain surgeon, from her iPad in her yoga pants. Seriously! 🙂

But the key is to find the right business and business model for you. If we’re being honest, many companies stink. Their compensation plans won’t give you the financial freedom you crave. They’d probably end up being “expensive hobbies” instead of businesses that pay you more than you could ever imagine.

So do your research. Explore your options. Talk to people. Pray about it.

And then when you find the perfect match for you, the sky’s the limit. Go “all in!” You’ll be on fire and be blessed beyond measure! Are you ready??

Great! To get you started, we’ve identified the Top 5 Businesses for Mompreneurs. Take a look. Request more information on the companies that peak your interest. Take your first baby step towards finding your dream business. You’ve got this, girl!!


#1: Plexus Worldwide

This company focuses on plant-based, natural supplements that address the root issues of our most common health challenges: autoimmune diseases, migraines, anxiety, insomnia, exhaustion, diabetes, the inability to lose weight, etc.

For only $35, with no required monthly expenses, this is a business that really resonates with Mompreneurs. There’s no inventory, parties, or deliveries. The business can easily be run from your smart phone in car pool lane, soccer practice, or after the kids have gone to sleep.

By working only 5+ hours a week, you can grow an incredibly successful business very quickly. Most people are promoted to the first level of the company within their first month (which is an extra $450 a month) and promoted to the next level within the first 4 months (which is an extra $1,000 a month.)

What’s most amazing is the pure speed at which the average person is able to soar to the top ranks of the company! And there’s plenty of room at the top for everyone (including YOU!) For example, our Sapphires earn around $240,000 a year (plus their Lexus and yearly vacation to Hawaii) and the average amount of time it took them to get to that rank is only 15 months. Our Diamonds ($440,000 a year) got to that rank at an average of 20 months. Not even 2 years!! Where else is that possible??

I’m sure it sounds too good to be true! 🙂 So check it out for yourself and learn the facts. Enter your name and email address below to receive a free video explaining how everything works.

~ Clare Luffman, Plexus Health Ambassador


#2: Stella and Dot

If women got together to design their DREAM JOB…what would it look like? Rewarding, supportive, flexible & (of course) FUN! Well, guess what – they did & it’s called Stella & Dot.

If you’re not familiar with Stella & Dot, we’re a boutique-style jewelry & accessories company whose products are primarily sold through in-home trunk shows & online. Our pieces have been featured in most major women’s magazines, such as Vogue, O Magazine & InStyle; on popular TV shows like Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars, Nashville, Good Morning America, & the Today Show; and on countless celebrities like Elle McPherson, Christy Turlington, Katy Perry, Carrie Underwood, Denise Richards, Katherine Heigl & Selena Gomez — just to name a few.

As a Stylist with Stella & Dot, you are your own boss – you choose your hours, you call the shots (how much you work is up to you & there are no minimums!). You’ll always shop at a 25-50% discount and you can earn up to 35% commissions on your sales with the potential to earn more on team sales (should you choose to build a team) – in fact, according to the Direct Selling Association, our Stylists have the HIGHEST DOLLARS PER HOUR AVERAGE EARNINGS among all direct selling companies!! If you like people, enjoy being a part of a strong, supportive community of women & have a few hours a week (3-5 is great to start!), find out why Stella & Dot might be just the right opportunity for you!!

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~ Dana D’Orsi


#3: Legal Shield

Learn how LegalShield has successfully created millionaires and six-figure income earners over the past 35+ years. You can supplement your income with extra money OR you can completely replace your income…earn as little or as much as you want! This opportunity is ideal for the woman that desires time freedom & flexibility and is ready to frame her world to live life on HER terms! Oh…how could I forget to tell you that passive and residual income ARE included in our compensation plan?

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~ Rae Jenkins



#4: Rodan and Fields

If you could have had a chance to partner with the Doctors that created multi-billion dollar global brand ProActiv, where would you be today? Well now is your chance… Partner with Drs. Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields in the #2 premium skin care company in the US where they plan on doing for anti-aging (and various other dermatological issues) what they did for acne- with a clinically proven skin care line!

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~ Asha Bohannon




#5: Young Living

More and more people are falling in love with essential oils. They provide individuals with the ability to naturally live a healthier, less stressful life. And the financial blessings and joy that comes from helping others with these life-changing oils is simply amazing!

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~ Marie Brock