Meet Clare

Hi there, Mompreneur!

My name is Clare Luffman and I’m so glad you’re visiting this site. My hope is that you’ll find the business that you’ve been searching for.

I’m an “accidental network marketer.” I wasn’t looking for a network marketing business. In fact, I despised network marketing. 🙂 And I tried to avoid it with a ten-foot pole! But God had a different plan for me…

I had been as happy as can be the last six years, as a 6-figure business mentor. I worked one-on-one with women entrepreneurs, teaching them how to build a business from scratch in a mentoring program called “Six Figures in Six Months.” My clients were holistic doctors, health coaches, web designers, life coaches, etc. But definitely NOT network marketers! Ha ha! I wouldn’t even take them on as a client.



Life is too short to just “get by.”

But even though I was happy and loving my business, I felt like garbage. Many times I’d wake up in the morning crying to my husband about how bad I felt. But I’d put a smile on my face, and go about my day, till I could crash on the couch at night. My body felt like it was slowly deteriorating.

Over the last 15+ years, I’ve struggled with:

  • Horrible IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)
  • Hashimoto’s – Thyroid Disease
  • Painful, constant “muscle constriction”
  • Stage 3 C breast cancer (with a mastectomy, 16 rounds of chemo, 2 months of radiation)
  • Fibromyalgia (weekly “flu-like” symptoms)
  • Food sensitivities (gluten, dairy, eggs, corn, soy)
  • Stage 3 Adrenal Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety

A phenomenal Holistic Health Coach I know recommended the Plexus line of supplements to me and she shared the results people were having. So I gave them a try!

Everyone’s results are different, but for me, these supplements have given me my life back! After a couple of weeks on the supplements, I felt so much better. I started feeling like “Clare” again, with lots of natural energy through the day. After 3-4 weeks, my insomnia, anxiety and IBS were gone. Every month, it just keeps getting better and better! I seriously feel twenty years younger!


I started thinking “what if”???

I started feeling God’s nudge to look at the Plexus business model. There was something about the flexibility and leverage of the network marketing industry that always appealed to me. (Even if it tried to keep it buried real deep!)

So I finally checked it out and I was BLOWN AWAY!! I had never seen a business model and compensation plan like it before. It’s as if Plexus set out to do “network marketing the way it could be done and should be done, but rarely ever is.” 

And I obviously know business models. I helped hundreds of women grow business from scratch, my husband and I own a retailfamily-pic store called Gamesturz, and I’ve been shown almost every single network marketing comp plan that exists (through the women’s networking group that I lead.)

So God kept putting it on my heart to transition into the Plexus business. And I started to agree with Him (after arguing for 2 weeks! “What??? Network Marketing?? Are you sure, God??”)

I saw how I could help so many more Moms become business owners! Instead of women paying me $5,000 to mentor them for 6 months, they would be able to get me for FREE! 🙂

I also saw how He was going to use my “mess” as “my message.” And that there was a reason for my years of health challenges. He was going to use it for good.

Without a shadow of doubt, I now know (unapologetically) that my purpose is to:

  • Spread the truthful, encouraging message of natural health and healing
  • Mentor people who have a heart to help others get well. And to teach them how to turn a $34.95 business investment into financial peace. That might mean an extra $500 or $1,000 a month. Or a rewarding, 6-figure or half-a-million-dollar-a-year business. It’s whatever their personal goals are.

I now LOVE network marketing and am so proud to be in the profession! I think people are crazy NOT to want to consider it. It’s the most amazing vehicle to be able to help people, and to create generational wealth!

To Your Health and Financial Peace,

Clare Luffman